Barrett Warner’s poems and stories have appeared in paper, newsprint, and online since 1982. He covered stock car racing and fast horses as a freelance journalist. In 2011, the shy bookworm left the racetrack. Today he reviews books, writes essays, and lectures. Known for his witty touches, his recent work can be found in Coda Quarterly, Adroit Journal, Consequence Magazine, Tishman Review, Chiron Review, Entropy Magazine, and Cultural Weekly. In 2014 he received the Chris Toll Memorial Prize for his poetry chapbook My Friend Ken Harvey (Publishing Genius), the Salamander fiction prize for his story “Dimension,” and the Cloudbank poetry prize for his poem “Tanya, Tanya, Tanya.” This year, his essay “My Thousand Year Old Disease” was selected by Ray Gonzalez for the Tucson Festival of Books Rising Star award.

The Maryland “hard boot” is the author of the chapbooks My Friend Ken Harvey (2014, Publishing Genius) and Til I’m Blue in the Face, (1994, Tropos Press) and holds an MFA degree from a small college in North Bennington, Vermont where he’s pretty sure he checked the Poetry Concentration box. Currently, he is compiling his seventh issue of Free State Review, a nonpartisan literary journal which he edits with Hal Burdett, J. Wesley Clark, and Bob Timberg. He is also an acquisitions editor for Galileo Books, a 501-C publisher of poetry and prose collections.

A migratory sociopath by nature, Barrett is also inherently lazy. Averaging two furlongs a year, he has only moved twelve miles from his Westminster birthplace. Many of those years have been spent with his wife, the poet Julia Wendell. Together, the nappy pair raise horses, persimmons, apples, and a mischievous amount of Cain at An Otherwise Perfect Farm.

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1 thought on “Details

  1. I am re- reading My Friend Ken Harvey. I bought it from you a few years ago at AWP. I love it all over again. Thank you. And good luck on the farm with all your horses. Jane McCafferty

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