In the Stacks

in the stacks

Batworth Stone, Strange Hours, in Entropy (Music).

Mary Ellen Redmond, The Ocean Effect, in Blood Lotus.

Angela Pelster, Limber, in JMWW.

Josh Ostergaard, The Devil’s Snake Curve, in Coal Hill Review.

Jesse Prado, I Have Been on Tumblr, in Blood Lotus Journal

Matthew Sherling, Bring Me My Absolute Surrender, in Atticus Review

C. L. Bledsoe, Riceland, in Coal Hill Review

MW's Earth AvailsMira GonzalezI Will Never Be Beautiful Enough to Make Us Beautiful Together, in Atticus Review

Mark WunderlichThe Earth Avails, in Coal Hill Review

Mike Krutel, Best Poems, in Blood Lotus Journal

Russell Edson, See Jack, in The Operating System

Lisa C. Krueger, Talisman, in Coal Hill Review

Puhak2Matt Cook, Proving Nothing to Anyone, in Atticus Review

Shelley Puhak, Guinevere in Baltimore, in JMWW

James Grinwis, Exhibit of Forking Paths, in JMWW

Nicola Waldron, Girl at the Watershed, in Coal Hill Review

Alan King, Drift, in Coal Hill Review

Malaika King Albrecht, Spill, in JMWW

Suzette Bishop, Horse Minded, in Concho River Review

Stephanie Barber, Night Moves, in Coal Hill Review

Adam Tavel, Red Flag Up, in Blood Lotus Journal

Rachel Adams, What Is Heard, in Blood Lotus Journal

Alejandro Ventura, Puerto Rico, in Coal Hill ReviewAK Drift

Carl Phillips, Silverchest, in The Fiddleback

Michael Kimball, Big Ray, in Coal Hill Review

Jen Michalski, Could You Be with Her Now, in Coal Hill Review

Nava Renek, Mating in Captivity, in JMWW

Victoria Redel, Woman without Umbrella, in JMWW

Elizabeth Robinson, Reply, in Blood Lotus Journal

Dan Chelotti, X, in HTML Giant

Best Poems_cover

Michael Collier, An Individual History, in Rain Taxi

Jenny Zhang, Dear Jenny, We Are All Find, in Loch Raven Review

Jack Gilbert’s Heaven and Earth: A Remembrance, in Loch Raven Review

Gary Fincke, The History of Permanence, in Coal Hill Review

Drucilla Wall, The Geese at the Gates, in Coal Hill Review

Colin D. Halloran, Shortly Thereafter, in Rain Taxi

Kevin Young, Ardency, in JMWW

Joseph Ross, Meeting Bone Man, in Rattle

Melissa Broder, Meat Heart, in Coal Hill Review

Megan Boyle, Selected Unpublished Blogposts of a Panda Express Employee, in Otis Nebula

Karen Lillis, Watch the Doors as They Close, in Loch Raven Review

Jessica Fenlon, Spiritual Side Effects, in Loch Raven Review

Scott King, Rice County Odonata Journal, in JMWWEdsonSeeJack

Albert Goldbarth, Everyday People, in Rattle

Sam Schmidt, Suburban Myths, in The Fiddleback

Tony Barnstone, Tongue of War, in JMWW

Ross Gay, Bringing the Shovel Down, in Loch Raven Review

Galway Kinnell, Strong Is Your Hold, in Loch Raven Review

Michael Downs, The Greatest Show, in JMWW

Paul Hostovsky, A Little in Love A Lot, in Rattle

Sue Ellen Thompson, The Golden Hour, in Loch Raven Review

Philip Levine, News of the World, in Loch Raven Review

talisman_zps46906e70Alan Britt, Alone in the Terrible Universe, in JMWW

Larry Gavin, Stone and Sky, in Rattle

Jim Moore, Invisible Strings, in Loch Raven Review

Dave Smith, Hawks on Wires, Loch Raven Review

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