My Friend Ken Harvey

Praise for My Friend Ken Harvey:KHcover

“This book made me smash my head repeatedly into the sharp edge of my desk.” -Russel Swensen

“Nostalgia and sentiment were dirty words in poetry until Barrett Warner’s My Friend Ken Harvey came on the scene. Here we have a chapbook that shows us the many forms of love, how relationships can be measured as ‘not enough war or too much war in someone’s life,’ and how the simplest moments can be transcendent, all while dipping in and out of the sepia tint of memory.” -Dakota Garilli

“This collection is at times hilarious, at times touching, at times lyric, simple, and stunning. Warner writes, from some honest place between existentialism and a search for meaning. In a way, these poems are–as the poet says–ekphrastic, biographical, minute in their reports of human interactions. Yet in another way they are meta, like staring up at the night sky and trying to truly grasp what you are seeing. From the minutiae to the horizon, I suggest reading and rereading these poems and seeing where the experience leads you.” -Sivan Butler-Rotholz

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