Two-Legged Radio

Barrett Warner’s performances aren’t so much readings as exorcisms

–Linda Michel-Cassidy

Spanish Johnny (recorded for the National Willa Cather Center)

Untitled Fragments

The Motion Detector, Charlottsville, VA

What Is So Great about Spain? (Be About It press), San Francisco

Immortal One

The Bat, Beloit Poetry Situation

Oxon Run, Anacostia

Maine Is Not the Place to Grow Bougainvillea

Dry Spell

A Glass Of Red Wine, Maria’s Bar, South Carolina

A Mess of Poems, Pratt Library Reading, Baltimore

Fallen Language

Radio Chat, FSU Center for Literary Arts, the Speakeasy, Episode 4, Frostburg, MD

“Rub,” recorded by Amanda McCormick for Espresso Ink V, remixed by Denton Loving



1 thought on “Two-Legged Radio

  1. Barrett,

    Met you on the train yesterday. Found you online. I wish you good times at your conference in Philadelphia. Take care.

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